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Our school is based on [Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guidelines] 2017 includes: Physical fitness and health, Nature and living, Self and society, Early children mathematics, Language, Arts and creativity

The school will not require the K1 class to write, and not require the K2 and K3 classes to do mechanical copying and reading dictation.

Learning/teaching mode and activities: Most of the children in our school are non-Chinese speakers, thus, Chinese is not their first language. To enrich their language development, our school has constructed a rich language environment. Also, we provided stimulation on Chinese words. Allowed children to learn in this environment, incorporate Chinese into life.

With the [Learning Process Framework] to plan teaching, there are three stages that help our children for learning in Chinese: the introductory stage, the development stage and the application stage.

We are a non-profit-making kindergarten receiving government subsidies under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme.

The annual tuition fees are payable in 10 installments.

Half-day class:Full fee remission and no tuition fee payable